Rice Krispies Sensory Bin

I have been thinking about what activities I could do with Sophie this weekend linked to Bonfire night. We went to see some fireworks this evening and I was a bit apprehensive about taking Sophie as she has recently developed a fear of balloons because she thinks they will pop. We took some ear defenders for her to wear and she absolutely loved it! She could still hear the bangs but they were muffled and didn’t seem to scare her.  So I think I am going to use some materials such as bubble wrap and rice krispies to explore sound. I have used rice krispies as a sensory activity with Sophie when she was about 8 months old so I decided to do a quick blog post about it.

I remember wanting to set up sensory activities that would be baby friendly as Sophie liked to put things in her mouth at this age. Sure enough, at some point she decided to eat the rice krispies!


When I set up this activity I hadn’t bought a tough spot yet, so I put a blanket down to try to contain the mess. I filled her top and tail bowl (such an unnecessary purchase – so I thought at least I would get some use out of it) with rice krispies and added some containers and a spoon. She grabbed at the rice krispies which crunched as she moved them.


I fetched her dumper truck so that we could drive it over the rice krispies to make a crunching sound. I filled up one of the containers so that she could pour the rice krispies into the dumper truck and them we tipped them out.


She discovered the cereal box at one point which she found fascinating. Craig was not so excited to discover that I had used branded cereals for messy play because I had just used whatever we had in the cupboard.


When I thought she had lost interest, I started to sweep the rice krispies onto a tray which soon grabbed her attention and she ended up coming back and sitting on the tray!


This was such a simple activity to set up and an easy way to explore sounds and textures. I might redo this activity with Sophie this weekend and encourage her to add some liquid to the rice krispies to make then snap, crackle and pop.  Although, I am not sure if I am feeling up to that much mess… maybe we will just have rice krispies for breakfast!


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