Bonfire Night Small World

When I tidied away the fireworks sensory box, I had left the foil blanket, a black scarf and some sparkly pom poms out as an invitation to play but Sophie completely ignored them! She loves making small worlds  so I decided to add some figures and create a bonfire night small world.


We had a basket of props left in the playroom which were left over from her pumpkin patch small world so I used it to try to add the different things that were at the bonfire we had been to see on Friday night. I built a bonfire out of Duplo and put fences around it because Sophie sat on the fence to watch the bonfire and the fireworks so I thought it would be familiar to her. As soon as she saw me doing this she came over and started to get involved. I got Sophie to help me build a bar to sell drinks and she chose the Duplo piece that has a drink on. We raided her story baskets and used some her mini tables and chairs to make a seating area. We also made a car park and found a fireman in case the fire got out of hand!


Here is the bonfire… you have to use your imagination and pretend the flower is a flame!


Sophie put this baby in the pushchair by the fence with her Grandma so she could watch the bonfire just like she had done on Friday.


We put this man in charge of setting up the fireworks which were really sparkly pom poms.


I love listening to Sophie play because she comes out with her own story lines. At one point, Daddy Pig had to clean George’s shoes because he got them dirty when he walked through the leaves.


We made a queue at the bar just like there was at the real bonfire party and she got Daddy Pig to pay the man for some drinks for George and Peppa.


Then she decided to take my rubbish bonfire apart and rebuild it. She told Peppa not to touch it because it was hot. Then she made Peppa blow on it and said that Peppa had cooled it down! Afterwards, we had a little chat about how to be safe around bonfires to avoid her running up to the one at her nan’s house in order to blow on it!


We had a really lovely morning playing together and got so much language and conversation out of the small world play. It was fantastic to see her engaged in imaginative play based upon her own first-hand experiences.

If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our Bonfire Night page for more ideas.


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