Chocolate Breadstick Sparklers

I can’t believe that it was Sophie’s third bonfire night this year! Now that she understands what is going on and talks about her experiences, I wanted to do some activities linked to bonfire night after the event rather than before. I decided to make some pretend sparklers with her.

We used mikado sticks, chocolate and cake sprinkles which we had leftover from making our chocolate witches hats.


First, we had to break the chocolate up and put in into the bowl. Sophie decided she needed to sneak a piece.

I pinched a piece too which she found quite funny. We melted it in the microwave which is much quicker than doing it over a pan of boiling water. I just checked and stirred it to make sure it didn’t burn.

I put the mikado sticks, sprinkles and melted chocolate into our divided bowl then showed Sophie how to dip the stick into the chocolate and then into the sprinkles.


She had a go but couldn’t resist tasting the mikado stick. She also dipped it into the chocolate and sprinkles and then ate it straight away!


She got stuck in but the sticks kept snapping as she tried to make the sparklers. Sophie gets so frustrated when things break and she kept asking me to fix them. Sophie won’t accept that some things cannot be fixed and was started to get annoyed. Luckily, I had some thicker bread sticks in the cupboard as we had been sent them to review from a company called Heavenly. This activity totally goes against the ethos of the company, whose websites states “we pack as much good stuff into our products like superfoods such as Kale, Spinach, Coconut and Pumpkin and don’t add things like sugars, colours or preservatives” so I made sure to save some to use with houmous rather than chocolate! They worked much better though and she made four sparklers all by herself. There are only three in the picture at the top because she ate one as soon as she made it!

Sophie hates her hands being dirty and requested a wipe when she had finished. What she didn’t realise was that it was all over her face and in her hair too!


We got sprinkles and chocolate everywhere but we had lots of fun eating making chocolate sparklers.


We put them in the fridge so that the chocolate would set. She told me that her dad could have one when he got back from work, which I thought was really cute.


If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our Bonfire Night page for more ideas.


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