Painting Fireworks

I wanted to have a go at the classic toilet roll firework painting activity with Sophie as she has really enjoyed watching the fireworks this year. She never turns down a chance to paint and was ready to choose her paint colours as soon as I opened the lid!


I put a few different colours of paint onto each plate and some gold glittery paint. We used black card to paint on so that it looked like the sky.


I put out some of our ELC stampers, which made great patterns that looked like the fireworks fading away.


We also used toilet rolls which I had cut fringes into so they could be used as stampers too.

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Bang! Sophie's busy painting fireworks.

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Sophie wanted to start a new piece of card for each plate of paint  saying “new one please.” I was pleasantly surprised at how well the colours showed up on the black card. The glittery paint was really effective too.


All of our paint is from ELC except for the gold glittery one which is from the Range. I have found that some colours mark the table cloth so we used a table cover but they have always washed out of her clothes really well.


I put a paintbrush on the table for Sophie to use and she started to paint her hands.


We had been talking about the colours and the fireworks as she painted and I asked her if this picture was the bonfire. She said yes then started to paint lines and told me it was the fence that she sat on with Grandma when we watched the fireworks. I love how her pictures are beginning to have meaning.


Sophie really hates having dirty hands at the moment so I was keen to let her get stuck in and get really messy. I wanted to let her explore and enjoy the process of painting. She rubbed the paint around with her hands.


Then she picked up the paint brush and painted over them and said “hands gone away!”


She dipped both hands into the paint and started to bang them down onto her picture.


While I was keen to encourage her to get her hands messy, I suddenly noticed she was also getting the wall and the chair messy!


When she had finished, we headed up to the sink to wash our hands while trying not to get paint everywhere! Sophie loved this activity and we now how some lovely new pictures to hang in the playroom.

If you enjoyed this post, take a look at our Bonfire Night page for more ideas.


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