Cooking a Feast for a Gruffalo

Sophie is really into Julia Donaldson books at the moment and we have done lots of Halloween activities after reading Room on the Broom.

A couple of weeks ago I set up an activity linked to the Gruffalo story. I decided to place the Gruffalo in Sophie’s mud kitchen for her to discover when we went out to play. As soon as she saw it, she went running over.


One of the lines from the story is “I’m having a feast with a Gruffalo” so I asked Sophie if she would like to cook a feast for her Gruffalo. I have been trying to declutter our house recently and I came across a spice set we had been given ages ago but never used. All of the spices had gone out of date so I emptied them and bought the containers outside for Sophie to use. We collected lots of ingredients from around the garden, including some of the herbs we have been growing. The finished collection reminds me a cookery show, when they have the ingredients measured out into bowls.


Sophie really enjoyed using the spoon to transfer the ingredients from the little pots into her pan. We have never got around to adding hobs to the mud kitchen so we found an old tile and pretended that was a hob instead.


Sophie loves using water so her concoction soon looked like soup. She likes to pour water from one container to another but doesn’t always know when to stop. She tried to pick it up really carefully so she wouldn’t spill any more.


As she poured the water into her pan it created bubbles. It think it makes it look like the food was simmering away in this photo.


Sophie tipped some of the food into the sink and then set to work adding more ingredients. I love when she sticks her tongue out because it means she is full immersed in what she is doing.


It doesn’t take long for Sophie to run out of water when she is playing so I bought this water dispenser from B&M for her to use for refills. It is great because it is plastic so I can fill it up when we are playing outside and she can help herself to more water without me worrying about it smashing if she knocks it off.


Once her feast was ready, she sat on her log with the Gruffalo and fed him.


When we had finished playing Sophie had dirty hand, soggy sleeves and muddy tights – all the signs of a fun afternoon spent outside. She really enjoyed cooking for a purpose and it was fun to link the activity to one of her story books.


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