A little announcement…

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog lately but I am back with some exciting news! It looks like 2017 is going to be a busy one for us, as our family will be going from 3 to 4! Baby number 2 is due in July 2017.

Sophie loves playing with her dolls which I hope will prepare her for her new sibling!


When Craig told Sophie that I had a baby in my tummy she started to lift my top up and asked us to get it out. Then she started talking to the baby through my belly button. To be honest it was more like shouting “helloooooo!” I think she was pretty excited.


Yesterday, I heard her telling one of her toys that her toy penguin had a cute little baby in its tummy the other day which really made me smile.


Despite the fact it still doesn’t feel real, I am really looking forward to having another baby. I just hope the terrible twos have passed before we add a newborn and sleepless nights into the mix!


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