Hot Air Balloon Cot Mobile Tutorial

I have been making a list of things I would like to make for baby number 2, although I am not sure I will ever find the time to make anything with a toddler in tow! I made this cot mobile for Sophie before she was born and it is still hanging in her room now. 


What you need: 


Soft toy filling – I got mine from Hobbycraft

Felt – I got the brown and white from Hobbycraft and the other colours from ebay

Embroidery thread to match the felt – Hobbycraft

Embroidery hoop – Hobbycraft 

Selection of ribbon for hanging – Hobbycraft

I also used templates (which can be downloaded at the end of the post), scissors, needles, pins, a pen, paperclips and a hot glue gun.

What to do:

1. Cut out the pattern pieces using the templates (available to download at the end of this post). Make two sets of each – one will make the front of the balloon and the other set will make the back.



2. Use a running stitch to sew the pieces together. Hold the pieces together with a pin to stop them moving and use a matching colour embroidery thread for each layer of the pattern. Repeat for the other balloon but do not sew the front and the back of the balloon together yet!





3. Draw around the basket template and cut out one for the front and one for the back. You can then sew a criss-cross pattern onto the basket to decorate it.


Plait 3 lengths of embroidery thread to make the balloon string and sew them to the inside of one of the baskets.


Pin the front and the back of the baskets together and sew around the edge using a running stitch. Make sure to leave a gap to fill the basket with toy stuffing before sewing it closed.  

6. Attach the plaited threads to the inside of the balloon. Pin the front and the back of the balloons together and begin to sew around the edge of the balloon until you reach about half way up.


7. Tie a long piece of white string to a paper clip and sew it into the inside of the balloon making sure the white string comes straight out of the top of the balloon (You will need enough length to add clouds and tie it to the embroidery hoop). The paper clip will stop the balloon sliding up and down the string when you have finished.


Continue to sew around the edge of the balloon leaving an opening so that you can stuff the balloon with the toy fillings. Then sew the balloon closed.


8. Make 4 sets of balloons using whatever colours and designs you prefer. Make sure that each balloon has a basket and a long piece of white string attached.




9. Choose a cloud pattern from the templates and cut out two cloud pieces. When you draw around the template reverse the pattern so that any pen/pencil marks will face each other and be on the inside when you sew the cloud together.



Tie a paper clip to the white string coming out of the balloon where you would like the top of the cloud to sit. Pin the front and the back of the cloud together, sew around the edge and fill with toy stuffing.



Repeat with all of the other balloons.

10. Thread two pieces of string through a button to create an anchor point to help the mobile to sit evenly.


Tie the 4 pieces of string that come out of the button to the inside ring of the embroidery hoop at four even points. Use the hot glue gun to secure them so they don’t fall off.


Thread another piece of string under the loops created on the button to create a hanging string.


11. Then tie the clouds and balloons to the inside hoop, spacing each string out evenly between the pieces of string. Again secure using the hot glue gun.


12. Use the hot glue gun to attach a pretty ribbon or trim to both the inside and outside of the embroidery hoop to cover the strings and glue. Place the outside hoop around the inner hoop and tighten.


Finally, tie the hanging string to a hook or whatever you are hanging your mobile from.





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