Cheerio Bird Feeders

Sophie loves to look in the garden for birds so I thought we could make some bird feeders to encourage more birds to visit our garden.


Last year, we read this a book called ‘Rupert and the Runaway Robin’ which came with a packet of bird seed. We followed the instructions at the back of the book and made hanging bird food balls using the seeds and some lard. However, I found that they melted because it wasn’t cold enough outside.

Source: The Bristol Shop

This year we read the book again, but made bird feeders using cheerios, pipe cleaners and ribbon.


I looped the end of the pipe cleaner to stop the Cheerios from falling off.


Then I showed Sophie how to thread them onto the pipe cleaner.


She did really well and got the hang of sliding them along to the end so that she could fit some more on.


Although, I think Sophie ate more Cheerios than she threaded!


When the pipe cleaner was full, I twisted the two ends together and bent the wire into a heart shape.


I tied some ribbon through the loop so that we could hang the bird feeder up.


We took the bird feeders outside and Sophie chose where to hang them.


Unfortunately, it started to get dark so we couldn’t watch to see whether any birds came to eat the Cheerios but when we checked the bird feeders the following morning all of the Cheerios had gone! Although, I suspect that a squirrel might have eaten them. So we are going to make some more and hang them outside in the morning rather than the evening.



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