Simple Jam Tarts Recipe

I wanted to bake some jam for Valentine’s Day with Sophie so I searched for a recipe online. I found a really simple recipe from Paul Hollywood’s mum on the BBC website.

I like that this recipe only had a few ingredients:

  • 85g unsalted butter
  • 170g self raising flour plus extra for dusting
  • jam
  • water


Before we started, I preheated the oven to 200 C.

I recently organised my pantry and put all my baking ingredients into glass jars. It was much easier for Sophie to scoop the flour out of the jar than out of the bag and since we needed some on the table for rolling out the pastry later, I wasn’t too worried if she spilled any.


She measured out the flour by herself and I just checked whether she had reached the correct level.


Sophie tipped the flour into the bowl. I was impressed that it all ended up in the bowl – Phew!


I cut the butter into cubes and added it to the bowl. Sophie got stuck right in and squeezed the butter with her fingers.


I remember making pastry with my sister who wouldn’t let me touch it because my hands were warm and she didn’t want it to be overworked. We are amateur bakers in my house, so we got stuck in with warm hands and squished and squeezed until it was all mixed! Sophie enjoyed this and commented on how soft the flour was.


Then Sophie added a spoon of water and I continued to mix until it formed a dough. It needed a few spoons of water to get to the correct consistency. I did have to hide the jug from Sophie as she wanted to tip the entire thing in.


We rolled the dough out onto the table (which we had dusted with flour).


Sophie helped me to cut 12 round shapes which we put into a greased cup cake tray.


We re-rolled the left over pastry and cut small hearts to use a lids for the tarts.


Sophie helped to put a spoon of jam into each of the pastry cases (and also a fair bit into her mouth!)


We put a pastry heart on top of each jam tart to act as a lid. We didn’t much jam in each one because the recipe said it would ooze and spread.


The recipe said to cook the jam tarts for 30 minutes or until golden brown but ours only took about 15 minutes. Sophie was desperate to eat one as soon as they were cooked but the jam was so hot. I gave her the bowl of jam and spoon to lick while I cleaned up instead.


Sophie ate one for her pudding later on. I think she enjoyed the jam more than the pastry! I’m not a big fan of jam tarts so haven’t got much to compare them to but Craig said we had created a jam biscuit. He did eat quite a few so they must have tasted ok! I think the pastry might have been nicer with some sugar and an egg but I love how simple these were to make and that Sophie could help throughout. If you have a go at making them, have some wipes on hand for sticky hands covered in jam!


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