Disney Store 30th Anniversary

I was recently invited to participate in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Disney Store. I was challenged to recreate a famous movie scene using a prop from the Disney Store. The Disney movies and trips to the Disney Store played a big part in my childhood so I definitely wanted to join in.

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DIY Water Table Tutorial

I put a photo of our new water table on Instagram and a few people contacted me to ask if I would be doing a blog post about how we made it. I did take some photos as we made it but my husband just made it up as he went along so I don’t have any measurements but this is how we made ours.  Continue reading “DIY Water Table Tutorial”

Easter Chick Cards

I spotted some yellow feathers in Hobbycraft for £1, while I was buying the foam eggs for our easel activity, and thought that they would be perfect for Easter cards.  I already had yellow paint, googly eyes and orange foam so I thought that Sophie could make some chicks. I bought a set of Kraft paper cards and envelopes which were only £1.50. Because we already had some supplies, I only spent £2.50 which seems like a bargain for ten cards and gave us something to do over the Easter holidays.

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DIY Magnetic Water Wall

The weekend we built a water table for Sophie’s gazebo. The gazebo already had a water wall which we made by attaching pipes and bottles to some trellis using cable ties. However, I wanted to make make it more interactive by creating something she could position herself so I decided to make a magnetic water wall. Continue reading “DIY Magnetic Water Wall”

DIY Outdoor Easel

The sun has started to shine and I have started on my to-do list for the garden (much to my husband’s dismay!) I’ve wanted to build an acrylic easel for ages so I searched on Pinterest for some inspiration. I came across a blog called ‘Tried and True’ which had a tutorial with FREE PLANS! So I printed them off and convinced my husband to take me to Homebase for supplies. While we were there, we also picked up some extra wood to make a water tray and a catapult! Although everyone (including my husband) thinks that building a catapult for a garden full of stones, with a greenhouse and a house with sky lights is a disaster waiting to happen… so maybe that project won’t actually happen!

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