Foam Easter Eggs

Last weekend, we made Sophie an outdoor easel and so far we have only used chalk pens on it. I decided to buy some Easter foam shapes for Sophie to stick to the easel. We have done this activity before for Valentines Day and Halloween but we stuck the foam shapes onto our patio windows.

I bought some foam egg sets from Hobbycraft. One set had egg shapes and the other had Easter eggs with different patterns that you can press out. I put them into a tub with water and added a couple of paint brushes.


Sophie put the eggs onto the acrylic and they stuck really well.


She loved that the shapes were floating in the water and she had a good splash as she looked for the shapes she wanted to use.


Sophie used the foam shapes to decorate her eggs. She started off by giving them eyes!


Sometimes she used the paint brushes to paint the parts she wanted to decorate but the shapes stuck well by themselves because they were already covered in water.


After a while, Sophie decided to stand in the tub of water and have a good splash. I can still hear the giggles!


She enjoyed tipping the water out then wanted it filling it back up again. By the end, she was stood in a soggy, muddy puddle. It didn’t take her long to work out that she could dip the paint brush into the muddy puddle instead of the tub of water.


She started to paint on the easel using the mud and said, “mud is fun. Look you can paint with it!” I think the next easel activity might have to involve paint… and maybe the padding pool for when she gets messy!


It was great fun doing this outside especially as she could make a mess with the water but it would also be a really good activity for bath time as the foam shapes would stick to the tiles.


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