Easter Chick Cards

I spotted some yellow feathers in Hobbycraft for £1, while I was buying the foam eggs for our easel activity, and thought that they would be perfect for Easter cards.  I already had yellow paint, googly eyes and orange foam so I thought that Sophie could make some chicks. I bought a set of Kraft paper cards and envelopes which were only £1.50. Because we already had some supplies, I only spent £2.50 which seems like a bargain for ten cards and gave us something to do over the Easter holidays.

We started by talking about how Sophie’s Grandma and Aunty are going to take her to see some baby chicks tomorrow. Then we looked at some pictures of chicks hatching out of eggs, which Sophie was fascinated by as we discovered a nest with baby birds in one of our trees at the weekend. We looked at one of her books and felt how soft chicks are then felt the feathers.


We talked about what colours we would need and Sophie helped to pick the paint. We used yellow ready mixed paint, yellow finger paint and Sophie also chose some gold glittery paint. I gave her a range of brushes and dabbers and let her decorate the blank cards however she wanted.


She enjoyed mixing the yellow and gold glittery paint together. She said it was like Lady Glitter Sparkles from Trolls (she is trolls obsessed).


Sophie dipped her finger into the finger paint. It wasn’t long before she painted her whole hand and did some hand prints too. She doesn’t like to have messy hands for too long as she likes to suck her thumb so she disappeared to the sink to wash them at one point!


We left the yellow paint to dry before adding the feathers, eyes and beaks.


I showed Sophie how to glue the eyes on by dipping the paint brush into the glue, putting a dab onto the card and then sticking the eye on. She chose where to put a dab of glue for the feather.


Then she stuck the feather on top of the glue. She did this for a few of the cards then got bored so I ended up dabbing the rest of the glue so she just had to put the feathers on.


I had some self adhesive foam pumpkins which I cut into beak shapes and Sophie stuck them onto the chicks. I did get some orange paint out so she could paint legs onto the chicks but she didn’t want to.


And here are the finished chicks! I love how they all look a little bit different.


I think they look really cute and I hope our family do too.




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