Disney Store 30th Anniversary

I was recently invited to participate in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Disney Store. I was challenged to recreate a famous movie scene using a prop from the Disney Store. The Disney movies and trips to the Disney Store played a big part in my childhood so I definitely wanted to join in.

My favourite movies included the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King. I tried to sway Sophie towards these movies but Craig introduced her to one of his childhood favourites, the Aristocats. Given that Sophie has loved cats for as long as I can remember, it was no surprise that it became her favourite movie! So when we accepted the challenge I requested to recreate a scene from the Aristocats.

Sophie copies Marie in the scene below every time she watches the movie so I knew this would have to be the one to recreate.


Here is my Aristocat, fluffing her cheeks ready to sing!

And here she is when she was younger actually singing some of her favourite Aristocat songs. (Click the image below to hear her!)

She may only be 2 and a half years old but the Aristocats have already played a massive part in her life! The movie has become our go to movie on days when she feels poorly.

It never fails to bring a smile to her face and she can’t resist mouthing the words as she watches. Which reminds me of being a child and signing along with Ariel and Sebastian from the Little Mermaid.

Sophie loves cats and all she wanted for her second birthday was a ‘real cat’. She didn’t get a real cat, but we did get her a little Marie from the Disney Store which she was delighted with.

On the morning of her party she watched the Aristocats while cuddling her Marie toy with the biggest smile on her face! Disney magic!

We chose cats as the theme for her second birthday and we had the Aristocat kittens sitting on top of her birthday cake wearing party hats.

IMG_7119From hearing the opening credits of a Disney movie to walking into the Disney Store, where the movies came to life, Disney always felt magical to me as a child. I love that I get to live that again through my daughter. I love sharing the classic movies with her and also discovering the newer ones. Happy 30th Birthday to the Disney Store!

24 months.JPG

Do you have a favourite Disney movie? Why not have a go at recreating a famous scene and then share it on social media using #DisneyStore30 and #DisneyStoryUK.


Disclosure: The Disney Store sent us a Marie toy to use as a prop for this post. 

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