DIY High Contrast Cards for Babies

I wanted to add some high contrast black and white images to Benjamin’s movement area to help develop his eyesight. There are some great sets online that you can download and print for free but I packed my printer away when I went onto maternity leave along with all my school stuff. I was about to buy some, when I decided that I could save my dwindling maternity pay and get Sophie to help me to make some instead. We already had everything we needed: white card, black paint, brushes, stampers and rollers.  Continue reading “DIY High Contrast Cards for Babies”

Movement Area

Since having children, I have discovered the Montessori approach and love reading blogs about how people incorporate it at home. I have started to introduce some of the principals at home but I don’t follow it strictly. We have recently set up a Montessori inspired self service snack station in the kitchen and a tooth brushing station in our bathroom – I will blog about these when I get chance!

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Introducing Benjamin…

Benjamin was born on Friday 14th July at 3.19am. I had a few complications towards the end of my pregnancy, including high blood pressure, low platelets and low iron. I plan to write up my birth story at some point but basically, at 38 weeks, the consultant diagnosed me with pre-eclampsia and decided to deliver him via C-section. I couldn’t have an epidural due to my platelet levels, so I was given a general anaesthetic.

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