Introducing Benjamin…

Benjamin was born on Friday 14th July at 3.19am. I had a few complications towards the end of my pregnancy, including high blood pressure, low platelets and low iron. I plan to write up my birth story at some point but basically, at 38 weeks, the consultant diagnosed me with pre-eclampsia and decided to deliver him via C-section. I couldn’t have an epidural due to my platelet levels, so I was given a general anaesthetic.

My bump had always measured off the chart so I wasn’t surprised to find out that Benji weighed 10lb 3oz.


Benjamin is all cheeks and chins! He had a mark on his cheek when he was born as they had to use forceps to help get him out. Like his sister, he was born with tiny crumpled ears and he had some hair but nowhere near as much as Sophie had.


When people meet Benjamin they often say he is smaller than they thought he would be. However everyone ends up with a numb arm if they hold him for too long!



Sophie absolutely adores him and is already such a fantastic big sister.





The last 7 weeks have flown by! There have been smiles, laughs, tears, sleep and no sleep! I have been taking lots of photos but I just haven’t found the time to blog. I am hoping to get back into it so keep an eye out for posts coming soon.


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