DIY High Contrast Cards for Babies

I wanted to add some high contrast black and white images to Benjamin’s movement area to help develop his eyesight. There are some great sets online that you can download and print for free but I packed my printer away when I went onto maternity leave along with all my school stuff. I was about to buy some, when I decided that I could save my dwindling maternity pay and get Sophie to help me to make some instead. We already had everything we needed: white card, black paint, brushes, stampers and rollers. 

Here is Benji enjoying our finished project.


To make them, we spread a thin layer of black paint into a tray and used stamps from ELC to create simple patterns on the white card.


Sophie used her rollers from Tiger to make a brick wall and a tyre track.


Luckily, Sophie isn’t a messy painter as black paint has the potential to be a disaster! We put aprons on, painted on a wipe clean table cloth and had baby wipes close by. I also used a slightly larger piece of paper underneath the one she was stamping on to avoid too much paint getting on the table.


Towards the end, she had quite a bit on paint on her hands so we decided to make a hand print card. She dipped her hands into the tray and pressed them on the paper. I think this is my favourite card and I am tempted to make another one using Benji’s hands.




When the cards dried, we lined them up along the mirror in Benjamin’s movement area. He started to look at them straight away.


Every so often, we changed the one directly in front of him so that he could look at a different pattern.


Sophie also enjoyed lying next to him and holding them up for Benji to see.


I am so glad that I did’t buy any as they were really easy to make, kept Sophie entertained and Benjamin seems to love them. Win, win, win!


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DIY High Contrast Cards for Babies

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