Listening Walk

Aim: To develop  listening skills and awareness of sounds in the environment

This activity can be done indoors or outdoors. We did our listening walk when we went to the playground. I made a point to ask Sophie about the sounds she could hear as we were walking and while she was playing.

On the way home we tried to remember all of the sounds we heard.



Extension: Ask your child some questions about the sounds you heard. Did you recognise all of the sounds? Were they loud or quiet? Were they long or short sounds? You could record the sounds on your phone then play them when you get home and ask your child to try to remember what the sound was.

If you find your child finds it hard to listen, you could discuss what makes a good listener e.g. be quiet and get your ears and eyes ready.  You could use a visual prompt such as using your hands to make ‘cupped ears’ while you are listening to a sound. When we do this activity at school, the children make headbands with ears on, They wear these on their listening walk to remind them to listen carefully. Here is a free listening ears template which you can print if you wanted to make a set. Attach them to a card headband, which your child could decorate.

Since doing this activity, Sophie has started to point out sounds around the house or when we are out and about.

Have fun on your listening walk.


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