Me & Mine {December}

December is my favourite month of the year because I love the run up to Christmas and all of our family traditions. Every year, we get our Christmas Tree from a place I like to call the ‘Christmas Tree Factory’ and we always have our photo take in front of the giant Santa. So this image had to be my December ‘Me & Mine’ photo. Continue reading “Me & Mine {December}”

Me & Mine {November 2014}

Looking back through our old photos, this was the only family photo I could find. My mum is famous for taking photos and lots of our family ones have been taken by her but I couldn’t even find one that she had taken! So our November photo is a selfie I took it on my phone.

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Me & Mine {October 2014}

My mum’s side of the family are from Canada and every October we celebrate Thanksgiving with a massive turkey dinner and pumpkin pie. It’s like a warm up for Christmas and you always end up sitting on the sofa feeling stuffed! My mum was proud as punch that she managed to get a turkey that weighed more than Sophie!

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Me & Mine {September 2014}

I have decided to join in with Dear Beautiful’s ‘The Me and Mine Project’ so I have been looking back through old photos of the three of us. Sophie was born on the 30th September. Although we took lots of photos in the hospital, after a long induction and an emergency C-Section I tried not to be in any of them (which I regret now). So this photo from our baby shower will have to be our first ‘Me & Mine’ family photo. Technically Sophie is in it!

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