Bug Hunt

We have worked on so many areas of the garden over the last few months but the one thing I haven’t convinced my husband to make (yet!) is a bug hotel. He hates creepy crawlies and does not want one in the garden! I noticed that earlier in the year Sophie was interested in minibeast and even let a ladybird climb up her arm. However, she has started to become scared of ants and wouldn’t even stand near a worm when we were camping.

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DIY Barefoot Sensory Path

After we finished our patio makeover, we decided to start working on Sophie’s play area. This was how the top of our garden looked in April. A dangerous mess! So we have spent the last few months transforming this into a play area for Sophie. This has taken a while as we tried to do most of the work while she napped but we did manage to get some done while she was awake by keeping her entertained with some outdoor activities.

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10 Garden Activities for Toddlers

I have put together a collection of activities that I used to entertain Sophie while we worked on our garden makeover. We tried to get most of the work done during Sophie’s nap times but sometimes we carried on while she played outside. Ideally, I like to play with Sophie but it was really useful to have some activities that she was able to get on with independently so we could continue to work nearby.

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