Play at Home Teacher:
Perspective Essay on Learning Through Play

Learning through play is a highly effective way to teach kids and help them understand the world around them. The site features lots of resources that you can use to facilitate this learning, whether you're a teacher yourself or a parent. These include information on the basics of learning through play, and different strategies that you can use.

Play At Home Teacher is something that a lot of people are using when looking for DIY learning materials for their kids. You can find activities by age or activities by theme here, so you can use it as a good starting point. What is learning through play though? Let's find out.

Essay Basics Of Learning Through Play

So what does it mean to learn through play? Essentially, the process is child lead, and refers to the way children learn when they are able to explore the world around them and gain skills as they play. There are lots of ways that they can do this, including:

  • Being with others
  • Exploring and having new experiences
  • Talking to themselves
  • Communicating with others
  • Being shown how to do new things
  • Practising and repeating skills
  • Having fun

This last point is the key one, as learning through play needs to be fun for the child. If they're having fun, then they will be able to learn more through the experience, and be much more engaged with the act of learning.

What Makes This Kind of Teaching 'Play'?

There are so many different techniques and tutorials when it comes to learning, and that learning can start from the baby and toddler stages. What makes learning play at this point? There are several things that need to happen to make a learning session 'play':

Pleasure: Playing must be fun and pleasurable for the child.
No extrinsic goals: A play session shouldn't have a goal in mind, there's no planned learning that should happen.
Spontaneous: Any play session should be started by the child, making it a voluntary process.
Active engagement: The child in question should be a key part of play.
Make believe: The child should be able to use their imagination as they play.

As you can see, this is very different to learning that occurs in mainstream schools. It isn't lead by a teacher, and there's no set plan that the learning must keep to. Everything is lead by the child in question. That's part of the reason why it's a good way of teaching pre school aged children, as it allows them to engage in learning at their own pace.

Play Theories for Better Studying

There are three main play theories that you need to know about, when looking to engage in learning through play.

Classical theory: Play is seen as a way to practice future roles, and expend excess energy not needed for survival. It also emphasises rest and relaxation.

Modern: These theories look at how learning through play impacts a child's development. The child doesn't just receive knowledge, but gives it meaning through play. Children are understood to learn best when they have an active role in play.

Contemporary: Contemporary theory proposes that children learn social context and cues through play. Learning through play will be impacted by the person and the environment, including family, community, and culture. As such, this time in their lives will shape their view of the world as a whole.

There are lots of theories on how learning through play works, but it's understood that play itself is highly important. In fact, the United Nations have recognized the right to play for all children. Neuroscientific studies have shown that play contributes to brain development, and sets the basis for learning in the child's later life.

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