Chocolate Breadstick Sparklers

I can’t believe that it was Sophie’s third bonfire night this year! Now that she understands what is going on and talks about her experiences, I wanted to do some activities linked to bonfire night after the event rather than before. I decided to make some pretend sparklers with her.

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Bonfire Night Small World

When I tidied away the fireworks sensory box, I had left the foil blanket, a black scarf and some sparkly pom poms out as an invitation to play but Sophie completely ignored them! She loves making small worlds  so I decided to add some figures and create a bonfire night small world.

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Rice Krispies Sensory Bin

I have been thinking about what activities I could do with Sophie this weekend linked to Bonfire night. We went to see some fireworks this evening and I was a bit apprehensive about taking Sophie as she has recently developed a fear of balloons because she thinks they will pop. We took some ear defenders for her to wear and she absolutely loved it! She could still hear the bangs but they were muffled and didn’t seem to scare her.  So I think I am going to use some materials such as bubble wrap and rice krispies to explore sound. I have used rice krispies as a sensory activity with Sophie when she was about 8 months old so I decided to do a quick blog post about it.

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Witch Hat Ring Toss

Sophie is really into throwing things at the moment, often accompanied by a loud “flyyyyyyyyy!” So I wanted to try to set up some activities to embrace this new found love of flinging things around the house but also to channel this into throwing appropriate objects especially as we are currently working on drinking from an open cup!

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