Burford Garden Company – Garden Centre

We started our Valentine’s Day with heart shaped French toast, a few presents and some cards to open. We bought Sophie ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ because she loves the moon and this book is all about the ‘I love you to the moon and back’ phrase.

Then we headed out to the Burford Garden Company which is a home and garden store located in the Cotswolds. I love this garden centre. Everything is presented in a way that makes me want to live there. Think vintage crockery and lovely old wooden farmhouse tables.

It took us just over an hour to get there, so it was great to be able to let Sophie run around the playground when we arrived. She really loved pretending to drive the tractor… “brummm brummm”.

You enter the garden centre via the Little Burford Children’s Store which has the most amazing selection of toys and clothes. It has everything from metal pedal cars to giant stuffed toys. If money was no object, this would be a dream shop!

There is a free mini cinema for children attached to the toy shop. We couldn’t leave until Sophie had tried sitting on most of the mini deckchairs!

When you leave the toy shop, you walk through an archway made from vintage books which leads into the cafe. It is absolutely gorgeous in there. There are bookcases full of first editions and vintage books which you can look through and buy.

As we walked through the cafe, the display of sandwiches caught my eye as they were presented in glass cloches. We had gammon, cheese and onion marmalade rolls which were £4.50 each. They were a little pricey but tasted lovely. We bought drinks but there was ice and water available in the cafe.

Sophie had the children’s lunch which cost £4.95 and came in a brown paper bag. She got a cheese roll, bag of Tyrells crisps (which we ate), an orange and a piece of brownie (which we shared – much to her disgust!). Below you can see her on the edge of her seat as she checked out how fairly her dad was sharing out the brownie.

We had a wander around the garden centre. They sell everything you would expect from a garden centre and more. Everything is presented beautifully and really creatively. Lots of the tables used to display items are also for sale. It is definitely marketed towards the higher end of the market and some things were quite pricey. 

I loved the room selling vintage crockery. It was displayed in wooden dressers, on the walls and even in a wooden grandfather clock. I am glad we had Sophie in her pushchair in this area!

We did let her walk around in some parts of the shop. She loved the card section and found all the cards with pictures of cats and gave them kisses! We ended up spending a small fortune on gift cards to frame for her playroom.

If you love garden centres, this one is well worth a visit. Burford town is supposed to be worth a wander around too. We continued onto Bourton-on-the-Water instead and visited the Model Village.

*I have not been sponsored to do this review. I just wanted to share our day out on the blog.

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