Easter Basket Ideas for a Toddler

I made Sophie an Easter basket last year and she got so much use out of the toys that I decided to make her one again this year. I found this adorable bunny bag from Homesense so I have used that instead of a basket this time.

Here is what is in Sophie’s Easter basket this year:

1. Colouring Book and Felt Tips. Sophie loves colouring. Not a day goes by without her drawing so this chick themed colouring book seemed perfect for her Easter basket. I picked up this colouring book from the Works for a £1. She hasn’t got any felt tips yet so I bought these from Sainsburys.


2. Chalks – Tiger. I couldn’t resist these chalks because they are shaped like eggs! They will be perfect for drawing on the pavement in the garden as the weather gets sunnier.


3. Books. I like to rotate Sophie’s toys and books so that she doesn’t get bored and I am trying to build collections of seasonal books to put on her bookshelves throughout the year. I am hoping to do our first Egg Hunt this year so this ‘Egg Hunt’ book from Asda was a perfect find.


4. Bunny Bottle – Sainsburys. After seeing all the photos of mouldy drinking bottles doing the rounds on Facebook, I love that this  bottle doesn’t have any hidden, hard to clean parts. It is available in blue too.


5. Cuddly Toy – Tiger. Just like the story books, I am trying to build a collection of seasonal toys and I thought this lamb was an adorable addition to our Spring/Easter box.


6. Squeaky Eggs – Tomy. Although these are aimed at babies, I found them in a charity shop and bought them because I know Sophie will love them.


7. Chocolate! Last year, I didn’t put any chocolate in Sophie’s basket because she was only 6 months old. I thought she could have a little bit this year though so I bought her a Cadbury’s bunny. I can always help her to eat it!


8. Easter Plate. This year, we made an Easter plate so we can leave a carrot for the Easter Bunny. Hopefully, he will hide some Easter eggs for us to find.

Creative Cafe Narberth Pottery Painting Easter Plate Treats for the Easter Bunny

I can’t wait to give Sophie her Easter basket this weekend.

While you are here, why not take a look at the Easter category for some fun play ideas for toddlers.


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