Hot Cross Buns Nursery Rhyme – with Free Printables

I made some hot cross bun beanbags for Sophie to play with over Easter. I wanted to play a throwing game with them but she wasn’t interested so I added them to her nursery rhyme basket instead. We sang Hot Cross Buns and pretended to feed them to her toys.


If you are not familiar with the nursery rhyme, you can click the picture below to hear Hot Cross Buns and the lady also signs the words as she sings. The lady in the video runs a ‘Signs and Sounds‘ class and has posted lots of different videos on her Youtube channel. They are worth checking out if you are interested in baby sign language. I have also added a printable version of the lyrics below.


We often sing ‘Five Current Buns’ so I wanted to change the words to ‘Five Hot Cross Buns’ as it was Easter. I had only made three felt buns so I created some printable ones and coins which you can download below. I tried to show Sophie how to exchange a hot cross bun for a penny which didn’t really work! She enjoyed picking them up and playing with them though.

Here are the free printables that we used. Click on the images below to download them:

Hot Cross Buns Words Border      Five-Hot-Cross-Buns-Border      Hot-Cross-Buns-and-Coins-Border

I would love to hear if you download and use the printables.

This activity is really good for:

  • Listening to and enjoying rhythmic patterns in rhymes.
  • Demonstrating listening by trying to join in with actions.
  • Developing an awareness of number names.



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