Outdoor Mark Making with Water

This was such a simple activity but it kept Sophie entertained for a while. I put her in her puddle suit then gave her a tub of water and a paintbrush. I showed her how to make marks with the paintbrush by painting her name and then I let her get on while I worked on the garden nearby.


She explored different strokes with the brush but she enjoyed making dots the most.


She put down her paintbrush to have a splash in the water too. In fact,  I am surprised that she didn’t tip all of the water out.


She also used her paintbrush and water to paint the back of her water wall.



I grabbed the first paintbrush that I could find but I would extend this activity by using different sized paint brushes and rollers next time.

This activity is good for:

  • Moving and Handling – making random marks with different strokes.
  • Moving and Handling – drawing simple shapes such as circles and lines.
  • Exploring and Using Media and Materials  – experimenting with colours and marks.


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Outdoor mark making with water

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