DIY Music Wall

We have just created a music wall for Sophie in her play pergola. I tried to pick some instruments that wouldn’t be too noisy. We back onto a school playing field so we have no neighbours directly behind us, but I didn’t want the neighbours either side to get too annoyed!

The little metal tin is from Tesco and makes a quieter sound than a metal bowl or pan. I also like that the edges are bumpy so it can be scraped as well as banged. I made all of the other instruments myself.

This is my favourite instrument. It makes a lovely sound when hit but also acts as a wind chime.


I took the metal bars off a bath toy we had and drilled holes into a stick. Then I used keyring chains to attach the metal bars to the stick.


I drilled two holes near the end and created a hanging loop with twine.


I also drilled a hole through a stick and attached it to the music wall with twine so that Sophie has a beater to play her instruments with.


Next, I made a xylophone out of pieces of driftwood I had collected on the beach. I drilled a cable clip to the fence to hold the wooden spoon which can also be used to hit the instruments with.


I made sure to collect different sized pieces of driftwood and I laid them out from longest to shortest.


I drilled two holes in each stick, making sure not to do this too close to the edge so they didn’t split.


Then I threaded the twine through each hole along the top, tying a knot around each stick as I went to stop them from sliding. I repeated this with a second piece of twine along the bottom. When I attached it to the trellis, I placed a piece of wood at the top and the bottom so that the sticks didn’t touch the trellis allowing them to make a better sound.


I also made a shaker using beer bottle tops. I haven’t worked out how to attach this to the trellis yet so it is just propped up against the side so far. Any ideas are very welcome!


I poked holes in some bottles tops using a tool I had in my sewing kit. However, you can hammer a nail through to make a hole. You can also flatten the tops, but I didn’t bother because I was trying to be quick.


I drilled holes in each side of the wood and attached the bottle tops with a piece of wire. I twisted the wire around the wooden stick to secure it.


Here’s the finished shaker and Sophie modelling how to play it.


Since I made this music wall for Sophie, I have noticed her turning objects over and tapping them with other objects to make sounds. Perhaps it’s time to let her loose on the pots and pans cupboard!

If you enjoyed this post, take a look at the rest of our play pergola to see what else we added. We have also created a barefoot sensory path for Sophie and given our patio area a makeover so why not check them out too while you are here. Thank you for reading.




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