A Listening Moment

I have had a few messages from people to say that their children are not very good at listening so I thought I would share a really simple activity from the Letters and Sounds document that might help.

This activity can take place indoors or outdoors and at any time of day. Your child might find it difficult at first, but if you do this activity a few times a week they should find it easier and easier to tune into sounds.

Remind your child how to be good listeners e.g. keep quiet and have their ears and eyes ready.


Find an interesting place to stop and invite them to listen for a moment. The ‘listening moment’ can last however long is suitable for your child but build up to about 30 seconds. You could set a timer on your phone or use a sand timer if you want to illustrate the passing of time. If they find it tricky to focus on listening, you could invite them to close or cover their eyes.


When they have finished listening, ask them what sounds they heard. Ask them what made the sound and encourage them to try to make the sound themselves.


Focusing on listening to sounds will help children to use the skills that are needed for developing an awareness and understanding of phonics.



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